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REF: MN70079

68×36×83 y other measures

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281,20 € 232,40 € (without VAT)

Comfortable chest of drawers in light wood and metal feet. It has five large capacity drawers. This furniture is designed for the storage of clothes, towels, sheets etc.

It has a vintage style and can be used in any corner of our home.


Storage problems are one of the biggest headaches when looking for furniture and decoration. The INDIE WOODEN DRAWER is a very practical piece of furniture that is stylish and decorative, so it may be the best solution for us.

This chest of drawers is made of light wood with an aged appearance and vintange style, collected in small touches of color and in its metallic feet in dark tone.

It has a total of five drawers, two of them with a beige geometric print on a dark blue background, another with the same print but on a white background and two of the same wood color. The originality stands out in each drawer, since, in addition, the handles are different in each of them which gives it a unique and attractive appearance.

This furniture is intended to be a perfect storage solution (clothes, sheets, towels, books, CDS, kitchen utensils), and can be used anywhere in our home, in the bedroom as a second closet, in the kitchen as a pantry, in the bathroom for towels and hygiene utensils etc. Its design is versatile.

MEASURES: 68 * 36 * 83 cm

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