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REF: MN10569

45×35×20 y other measures

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11,91 € 9,84 € (without VAT)

Basket made of gray wicker with rope decorations and two small wooden handles to transport it. Inside is lined with clear plastic


The trays are a necessary complement in any home as they are suitable for both storage and decoration. That is why we present you the TABLE CABIN

The tray is made with very good quality wicker. This tray has a great quality and beautiful finishes, it is also very resistant and has great capacity. Inside it is lined with transparent plastic to make it easier to accommodate things inside

Its design is very simple, they have a cradle shape, the original touch is provided by wooden handles and rope decorations on the upper edge of the set.

These trays are ideal for storage and decoration of any space in the house.

45 * 35 * 20

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