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REF: MN20104A

80×40×40 y other measures

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73,53 € 60,77 € (without VAT)

Large trunk made with braided enea in light tone. This trunk is ideal for decorating rustic-style homes, as well as serving to store various utensils.


Braided Enea trunk and wood, this trunk is handmade, it is a handmade product.

Enea is a natural plant, it is raised in the great rivers of Asia, for thousands of years it is widely used to make artisan products, it is a material that here would be a bit like our wicker. With enea we manufacture from trunks, trays, baskets, cuévanos, planters etc.

It is a very economical, resistant and large capacity trunk to store clothes, shoes, books, toys etc.

They are widely used trunks to make Christmas gifts, lots and raffles.

With rustic design it will give it a very special touch, it will fit you very well in any room of your country house, porch, garden.

Measures 80 * 40 * 40, also available in other sizes.

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